Veterans: How to Receive Your Free LinkedIn Premium Upgrade…


Just wanted to make sure that you were all aware of the Veteran offer from LinkedIn(valued over $250 dollars).  It is an incredible offer and will definitely add value to your career search.

Here is the link: Free 1-Year Premium Subscription

Veteran Premium LinkedIn Upgrade

One thing you need is to have an established LinkedIn account before you sign up.  Another item I would think about before you go and execute on this is the timing.  You will want to think about when you are getting out and when you want to start your job search.  If your just not sure, think about taking advantage of this offer 4-6 months before you get out so you have six months while your in the service and six months when you get out to leverage the service.

For the difference between the free addition and premium LinkedIn edition, click here!

Lastly, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool if it is leveraged correctly.  It is a way for employers and search firms to find you, contact you and get you closer to securing a career after you leave the military.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this, there is no gimmick, just a free upgrade.

Let you fellow service members know about this great resource, and don’t be afraid to tell LinkedIn, thank you!

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