Welcome to militarytransitioning.com! This site was created to provide a single point of resource for transitioning service members.

I had been in the Army for about six years when I decided it was time for a new challenge.  When I started the process of transitioning, I soon realized that there is a great amount of stuff out there for veterans transitioning out of the service.

From free LinkedIn premium memberships, internships, college assistance, to interview and resume prep.  What I have found is that there are great resources out there, but they need to be in a centralized location for ease of access.

This site is not for profit, the main purpose is to consolidate content that will help service members more easily navigate from the military to civilian life.

Please share this site with your friends and fellow Veterans, and leave an email so that I can make this a better site for all those in transition or soon to be transitioning.  Thank you!

Serving Thoes Who Served.

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